Notes play by themselves

In some cases, the system may generate notes on its own that recur periodically.

This can also occur on a massive scale, with many tones sounding almost simultaneously and loudly (cluster). In extreme cases the system is unusable.

The problem may occur for the following reasons:

  • The keyboard and mechanics are not optimally regulated. Please check the regulation and adjust it if necessary*.
  • The distance of the sensor bar from the bottom edge of the keys is too high. The distance should be at least 8 mm, but no more than 15 mm when the key is not pressed. Please set the sensor strip to this height. You can find out more here.
    The brightness of the sensors is too high. Adjust the brightness using the VARIO app in the Key Calibration -> Advanced Sensor Settings area (gearwheel symbol at the top right). A good default value is 175. Learn more about adjusting the sensor brightness here.
  • The values for the key adjustment are chosen incorrectly. Adjust the values as described in this article.

If the error still occurs, please contact our technical service.

Further / Additions

In some cases, the VARIO duet module (sound module) is not recognized in parallel.

Good to know / background

The sensor technology of the VARIO digital system works with an optical scanning of the key movements. In this process, LEDs mounted under the keyboard send bundled light against the bottom of the keys. From there the light is reflected, measured by sensors and then converted into a digital signal.

If the light is too bright, the sensors are dazzled and no usable values can be measured. This effect can also be intensified if the distance is too close.

On the other hand, measurement errors can also occur if the brightness is too low and/or the distance between the sensors and the keyboard is too vast.

It is true that the freedom that technicians have when installing the VARIO sensor strip is relatively wide – but there are still natural limits to the contact-free technology. A recommendation for the optimal installation height of the keyboard sensors can be found in this article.

* The sensor technology of the VARIO digital system is highly sensible. This means that even the lightest movements in the range of a few micrometers(!) can be detected. What is advantageous for an optimal playing feel can – just like the acoustic instrument and its optimal regulation – sometimes be challenging for technicians. Changes due to transport and climate are also not to be neglected in this context. Therefore, a perfect regulation of the instrument is crucial for the precision of the measurement.