Update instructions for the Digital Grand 1.2.0

In update 1.2.0 of the Digital Grand no changes were made to the 25 GB sample data. Therefore we offer here the changed files (new NKI patches, new multis, new manual, etc.) for download.

This will take you to the new Digital Grand in 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the file Digital_Grand_v120_Updated_Files.zip completely from your customer account (https://www.bechstein-digital.com/my-account/) (approx. 80.9 MB). Unzip it afterwards – under Windows and macOS simply by double-clicking.
  1. Move the unzipped directory Digital Grand 1.2.0 next to the same folder in which the folder of the previous version is already located.
  1. Now copy only the samples from the previous version 1.1.0:
    Change into the directory Digital Grand 1.1.0 / Samples. Select and copy all (14) files of type .nkx  (Windows: CTRL+C / macOS: command+C) …
  1. Navigate to the new folder Digital Grand 1.2.0 / Samples, and insert the 14 files there (Windows: CTRL+V / macOS: command+V).

A few more tips:

If necessary, the .nkx files (25.4 GB) of version 1.1.0 which are now available in copy, can be deleted. If you have created your own NKI instruments, multis or snapshots, we recommend that you also move them to the corresponding folders in version 1.2.0. In this case you can delete the entire folder of the previous version 1.1.0 as well.