Use music apps (MIDI) on devices with Lightning connectors

Last edited: April 21, 2020

Apple devices with Lightning connectors can be connected to the VARIO digital system. Please note that a direct connection – via cable with USB-C plug to Lightning plug – charges the Apple device, but at the same time no MIDI connection is established.

Device Connectivity

To use MIDI devices on the Lightning port, the Lightning to USB camera adapter from Apple is required (see:

Accordingly, you need an adapter cable from USB-C to USB-A (e.g

Im Gegensatz zur direkten Verbindung (USB-C -> Lightning) wird in dieser Kombination das Apple-Gerät nicht mit Strom versorgt. Sollte Ihnen eine dauerhafte Stromversorgung wichtig sein, können Sie statt Unlike the direct connection (USB-C -> Lightning), the Apple device is not supplied with power in this combination. If a permanent power supply is important to you, you can also use the Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter instead of the above mentioned Apple accessory MD821ZM (see:

Using MIDI apps

The VARIO digital system works as a standard compliant MIDI device, both via USB and Bluetooth. This means that you can use all apps that support the MIDI standard, which is practically true for all music apps known to us.

Occasionally the apps differ in the setup, the establishment of a MIDI connection. Very often a cable connection (as described above) is used automatically. Bluetooth connections, on the other hand, must always be actively initiated by the user.

Please ask the respective app provider how to set up the connection of MIDI devices in individual cases if the connection is not automatic. The connection of the VARIO does not differ from the connection to digital pianos, keyboards, master keyboards, etc.

Further / Supplements

We do not recommend buying adapters that are not genuine Apple parts, as these parts often cannot be used reliably due to a licensing program (see: