Digital Grand Update 1.2.0

With version 1.2, C. Bechstein introduces the second major update for the Digital Grand on PCs and Macs. The update of the sample library, developed with great attention to detail, scores with new tonal possibilities and also brings improvements in playing with half-pedal.

This is the list of changes in version 1.2.0:


  • The pedal noise when releasing the hold pedal (CC64) will not be heard until the pedal is released completely.
  • An error using the Sustenuto pedal (CC66) has been fixed.

News and optimizations:

  • New TOP and SIDE instruments with adjusted sample starting points (SP). With these instruments, the starting points of all samples have been shifted in such a way that an improved touch behavior results during playing. The resulting phase shift also allows tonal alternatives when combining instruments (e.g. with multis).
  • 10 new MULTIS give an impression of the sound possibilities that result from the combination of different microphone signals. MULTIS marked SP use the new starting point adapted instruments.
  • When playing with sympathetic resonances, chords can now also resonate. With the newly added POLY button you can switch between both operating modes. Use monophonic resonances to save resources, or turn the volume to zero to not use the function at all.
  • The sound of sympathetic resonances has been improved.
  • A Silent Key function has been added: when MIDI notes with a velocity of 1 arrive, only key noises are heard (if they are active under DETAILS).
  • Improvements have been made for playing with half-pedal position. The end of notes is now extended depending on the threshold and starts at about 2/3 of the set value.
  • The Digital Grand 1.2.0 requires KONTAKT Version 5.8.1 and is compatible with KONTAKT Version 6.0.

Info for our existing customers: the latest download of the Digital Grand can be found in your customer account:

The owners manual has also been updated. You can download the latest manual here.

The serial number of version 1.0.0 is still valid.