Demo version of Digital Grand

We are often asked if there is a possibility to put the Digital Grand through its paces before buying it.

Due to the size of the library (approx. 25 GB) and technical limitations of the Native Instruments KONTAKT player, a demo version is not feasible at this time. KONTAKT Libraries can in principle be started in demo mode, but this only lasts 15 minutes – in our opinion, far too little to do justice to the sound and the many possibilities of the Digital Grands.

To make up for this – and in general because we want to give you the opportunity not to shop the proverbial pig in a poke – we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for the Digital Grand. If, contrary to expectations, the KONTAKT Library does not meet your expectations, just send us a short e-mail and you will be refunded the full purchase price in no time.

Customers from Germany also have the possibility to purchase the product easily on account in our online shop. To do so, select Germany as the country of invoice when purchasing – the option becomes available as a payment method.
The necessary serial number will be activated manually by us immediately after the purchase (we do not wait for the payment to arrive).

We think this is the fairest and most convenient way to give you the opportunity to test it extensively, despite the above mentioned limitations of KONTAKT.