Recording music – the recorder

iOS/iPadOS only

The VARIO App recorder is designed to record your music as easily and free from distractions as possible. The playback also follows this principle. 

In addition, the recorder offers a number of functions to support you in practicing, recording musical notices and ideas in the best possible way. Your piano playing is always in the foreground – and explicitly not the post-production of recordings. For this purpose, you can pass on your recordings to other apps, for example to create music scores or to edit audio.

Recording & Playback

The recorder offers two recording modes:

In Tape mode, the recorder operates without a time reference and records from the first note played if you activate the recorder with the Record button.

In Metronome mode, you add the metronome to the recording and playback, linking it to the set tempo and time signature. 

The Tape/Metronome Mode selector is located underneath the Record and Play button.

Each recording creates a new song. This is a special feature of the recorder, because it saves you the usual steps of “Create new”, “Save”, “Name” and so on. All your recordings (including the failed ones 😉 ) can then be found in the SONGS block – more on this later.

By the way: of course you can also delete a recording directly if something went wrong. Press (or hold) the DELETE button. You can start a new attempt immediately.


Zwei Spuren



Two tracks

You can also use the recorder to record in two tracks, for example, separately for Left and Right Hand. 

To select one of the two available tracks, use the number buttons 1 and 2 above the record button. 

The same applies to playback after your recording: the number buttons 1 and 2 above the playback button activate a track (or mute it). 

If neither of the two digits is selected for recording, the recording button starts a new song as usual. 

Organize songs

You will find your recordings in the SONGS block. Press the Songs button to open the library. Here you can rename tracks and move them to folders by dragging and dropping them. Folders are created with the + button.

To load a song into the recorder ( and then play it back), tap the Open icon on the right.

To rename a song, touch its name.

You can delete a song by wiping the row from right to left, as is familiar from many iOS apps.

Share Music

Share your recorded music directly with other people or with apps installed on your iOS/iPadOS device. The SHARE button opens the system dialog with all the options provided by Apple: 

Via AirDrop you can send your music directly to a nearby Apple device that is ready to receive(!*) data from your device.

Use other apps such as Messenger, Mail or music notation programs to send or edit your music.

Use the many iOS/iPadOS system services like iCloud (“Save to Files”) or “Shortcuts”.




„Audio“ (m4a/AAC)



With the adjacent button you can choose between the data formats “Audio” (m4a/AAC) or “MIDI” (SMF 1 with two separate tracks).

*You set the visibility of an iOS/iPadOS device for the AirDop function in the system settings of the device under General -> AirDrop.