Which parts are exchanged when converting from VARIO classic to duet?

Remains in the instrumentRemoving (VARIO classic parts)Installation (VARIO duet parts)
Stop rail Distribution boardVARIO Basisplatine
Bowden CableKeysensor rail New keysensor rail
Pedal sensors with connection cablesFlat ribbon cable to the sensor railNew flat ribbon cable to the sensor rail
DC bracket (including socket and cable)New DC bracket (including socket and cable)
Control unit with touch screen (in drawer housing)2 VARIO duet modules with connection for USB-C, operating button and volume control
Connection cable to the control unitConnection cable to the VARIO duet module, connection cable (short) between both modules
Headphone holder can still be used, but there is a new modelHeadphone holderNew headphone holder
Power supply (9V)Power supply (19V)