Change / replacement of a VARIO base board


This article is intended for piano technicians

Disconnect the VARIO digital system from power. To do this, disconnect the power supply unit from the wall socket.

The VARIO base board is located inside the instrument on the left inner side.

In most cases, it is recommended that you also set the piano‘s mechanism aside before changing it, so that it is easier to reach the base board.

Release the hammer stop bar before removing the action from the piano!

You will find the hexagon socket wrench matching the grub screw in the instrument, on the left side at the height of the hammer stop rail.

On the grand piano, loosen the connecting cable between the base board and the keysensor rail before removing the machine head.

Removing the VARIO base board & attaching the magnets. 

The base board is attached to the instrument with magnets. Pull off the component and disconnect all connectors.

Remove the new base board from the safety bag. It is possible that not all magnets are in the same orientation. If this is the case, loosen the mag- nets in the instrument and reattach the pairs of magnets included in the set. Before attaching the new magnets, make sure that the surface inside the instrument is free of dust and grease residue.

Now reattach all connectors. Make sure that all connectors snap securely into place.

You may have had to loosen cable clamps in some cases to get to the connectors more easily. New cable clamps are therefore included as replacements – use them as required.

Now place the base board back on the magnets in the instrument.

For piano: Replace the mechanism and attach the hammer stop bar. Check the optimal align- ment and tighten the grub screw.

For grand pianos: Insert the mechanics and only now reconnect the connecting cable to the keysensor rail.

After closing the instrument, reconnect the VARIO digital system to the power supply.

Update of the sensor bar & calibration

After installing the base board, please check the function of the entire system first.
Then carry out a firmware update with the VARIO app.

See: Updating the VARIO firmware

Recalibrate the keys and pedals.

See: Adjusting the Sensor Brightness

Please also check the settings for key adaptation and dynamic curve.

Entry in the guarantee document

Have the customer hand over the warranty certificate and enter the serial number of the new base board (CBD-703-0xxx) in the document.
You will find the number on the outer packaging.