What’s new in version 0.14 of the VARIO app for Android

In this update, we were able to make helpful improvements to the app and to the operating software, the so-called firmware of the VARIO digital system (Sense Boards 1.3.0 and Mainboard 2.2.0 / 1.4.0).

The firmware is installed via the SETTINGS menu of the VARIO app.

Here you can find out how to install the firmware update

New feature in version 0.14

  • Support for Android 12.
  • If the mobile device is connected to the internet, a message appears when the app is started, announcing the latest app version available in the Play Store.
  • During an update via USB, the app could crash. This should no longer occur.
  • For VARIOs from serial number 703-3x, firmware updates can now also be performed for the Bluetooth part of the system.
  • When establishing a connection to the VARIO, it is now no longer possible to operate the app. This is for reasons of stability, which has also been generally improved when establishing a connection.
  • The dialogue for setting the dynamics has been improved.
  • Depending on the sound setting (saved in the favourites), forte fortissimo chords could cause distortion in the connected headphones. Therefore, we have adjusted some default values behind the scenes so that even very loud playing now sounds clean as expected.
    • The new settings are only applied when the favourites are reset. Own favourites are therefore not overwritten by the update.
  • Further improvements in how favourites are displayed.
  • The sounds images have been revised and now look even better on more device sizes.
  • Further improvements in connection with Android devices that temporarily went into sleep mode while music was still being played on the VARIO.
  • Some menu items and dialogues have been made clearer and last but not least, the app icon has been adapted to updated Android guidelines.

Improvements in the VARIO firmware
(Sense Boards 1.3.0 and Mainboard 2.2.0 / 1.4.0).
To be installed via the SETTINGS menu of the VARIO app.

  • When you switch on the VARIO using the button on the front module, the system no longer waits for the button to be released – it starts immediately.

  • During the start-up process, pressing the button again or playing the instrument at the same time should no longer cause unexpected behaviour.

  • A bug has been fixed that resulted in keystrokes being heard only after a considerable delay.

  • A problem has been fixed where pressing the dynamic bypass button would set the key adjustment values to unexpected values. This resulted in a situation where the VARIO sensor system would sometimes play notes on its own.

  • When in “Operation without App” mode, the newly selected sound is played briefly during a sound change. This confirmation note can now be suppressed using the sostenuto pedal.

  • For VARIOs from serial number 703-3x, a recovery is now possible if an unsolvable problem occurs during a firmware update.

  • For VARIOs from serial number 703-3x, Bluetooth MIDI communication has been improved.


Please visit https://service.bechstein-digital.com for firmware update instructions and other information related to your VARIO system.