New in VARIO App version 0.10.0 for Android OS

The most important thing first: the VARIO App 0.10.0 for Android now also allows the import of the operating software for the VARIO, the so-called firmware. With the new firmware you will find – besides the functions of the app itself – also news for you.

Please note the information on installing firmware updates.

New functions:

  • Operation without App! All sounds of the VARIO can now also be selected using the button on the front module: press and hold the button on the front of the module – and play on the keyboard (from note C3).
  • Line input: switch the external input on and off by pressing the button on the front module together with note C1.
  • Restart the VARIO via the button on the front module.
  • When the VARIO is started, Favourite 1 is now automatically loaded.
  • Sound, Equalizer & Co: the presets of the four favourites have been revised and are available on newly installed devices (existing settings are not transferred!)

Improvements in the VARIO operating software (firmware) 1.1.0:

  • Randomly triggered notes should no longer occur when playing.
  • Fixed an error that sometimes triggered a note when saving the calibration.
  • The default setting for the sensor brightness has been adjusted (185 -> 175).

Error corrections & improvements in the VARIO App:

  • An error was fixed where the settings in some dialogs did not work.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash during calibration.
  • The menu now shows the version number of the VARIO app.
  • Minor updates and error corrections of individual dialogues.