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Thank you for using the Early Access version of the VARIO App for Android. Some features are still under development. In this article we collect all information about the current status for you.

Functions in development

The features listed here are planned for future updates:

  • Possibility to adjust the sensor brightness
  • Display of the installed firmware in the VARIO digital system
  • Update of a newer firmware, if available
  • A “smoother” presentation in illustrated selection dialogs (“cover flow”)

Known bugs (Version 0.9.0)

Many thanks for your feedback.

  • It is not possible to scroll down in the sound settings.
  • The colored labels of the favorites buttons appear a bit too large on some screen sizes.


Compatibility with Android OS versions

In order to achieve the widest possible user base, we are currently testing compatibility with older operating system versions, down to 6.0 “Marshmallow” from 2015 (API version 23; although this is no longer supported by many hardware vendors and Google itself; this also applies to version 7 “Nougat” from 2016).

This compatibility may be limited or adapted in the future to improve the product experience or to provide additional features.

Currently, Android is version 10 (API version 29, September 2019).

Why is a location release required?

In order to use MIDI via Bluetooth, the VARIO app requires the release of location information. This is a requirement of the Android operating system on which we as developers have no influence: theoretically, it would be possible to determine the location by querying certain Bluetooth parameters (similar to triangulation in mobile telephony). The VARIO app doesn’t send any position data (or any other information) to us.