Making music with apps – you ought to know this

With the VARIO App we would like to provide you with a tool for setting up and controlling the VARIO digital system that is as easy to use as possible. This is meant quite literally: Smartphones, as well as tablets, are used worldwide and have become a familiar and useful companion that many people cannot imagine their everyday life without. 

Wherever possible and useful, we would also like to make digital functions relevant to your piano playing as accessible as possible. This is not only the purpose of our app: thanks to Bluetooth or USB connectivity, the entire system is prepared for just about everything that is possible in digital music.

Many possibilities with music apps & the VARIO

In principle everything that speaks “MIDI” is compatible with the VARIO digital system. MIDI is a very robust standard, established for decades, for networking musical instruments. All VARIO systems, whether VARIO duet, VARIO connect (available soon), or the predecessor system, VARIO classic, support the MIDI protocol.

The range of applications is therefore enormous, just to name a few: 

  • Music-related learning and training processes
  • Exchange with other musicians or (learning) groups
  • Notation, or the writing of musical scores
  • Professional music production
  • Sound generation (e.g. as a supplement / layer to the acoustic instrument)
  • Visualization of game data during live performances or in education
  • Games in an audio or music context