What’s new in VARIO app version 2.2.0

The new VARIO app version 2.2 comes with new features and also includes a new operating software for the VARIO duet. Both the new app and the so-called firmware increase reliability.

• General improvement of stability and user experience.

• The VARIO system’s startup process has been optimized so that individual components are now more reliably detected.

• The VARIO app now automatically searches for a connected VARIO and individual components of the system.

• Favorites and other parameters are now retrieved more reliably from the VARIO system.

• In case of an update, the sound settings are retained. Please note, however, that the settings of the dynamic curve are reset during a firmware update.

• When playing with sustain pedal, intermediate values are now also registered, allowing half-pedal positions to be used when playing the piano with the VARIO duet sound module.

• A bug has been fixed that caused the recorder not to play notes held by the pedal via the sound generation of the app.

• The overall calibration (keys & pedals) is now more robust.

• A problem has been solved where individual notes were triggered unintentionally.

• The sensitivity of the keyboard sensors can now be adjusted. A slight reduction in the brightness value provides a noticeable improvement in dynamics and uniformity in many pianos.

• The ratio of the sensitivity of the black and white keys can be precisely adjusted.

• The block SENSITIVITY is now called DYNAMIC in the German version of the app.

• Bonjour! The PDF manual is now also available in French when the mobile device is set to French.