Connect the VARIO to a Mac via Bluetooth

If a new operating software, the so-called firmware, is available for the VARIO duet, you can import it into the system with the VARIO app.

Here you will find the current version of the app for iOS and iPadOS:

If not already done, connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to the instrument via USB or Bluetooth. This is done as usual using the CONNECTION block in the top right-hand corner. 

Updating the firmware

Open the SETTINGS block, bottom right; and switch to the Firmware menu item at the bottom.

In the “Installed” section, the installed firmware is displayed, and below it the now newly “Available” firmware for mainboard and sensors.

Press Start to begin the update. The update should not take more than about 3 to 4 minutes.

Please stay close to the instrument even if you have a Bluetooth connection. Do not intentionally abort the process and be patient if any part of the system needs a little more time.

A successful update will be confirmed with a short message. This disappears automatically.

Check the firmware update by comparing the version numbers again. Depending on the update, it may be necessary to repeat the update procedure for the different components (mainboard, sensor rail).

Reconnecting the VARIO.

Normally, a Bluetooth MIDI connection is disconnected after the update.

Please switch the VARIO system to standby by pressing the button on the front of the device a little longer.

Now reconnect the VARIO app. As soon as the Bluetooth connection is established, the two VARIO operating modules will start automatically.

In case of a USB connection, please restart the system via the button on the VARIO adjustment module.

Further / Supplements

In some cases the MIDI connection is not completely restored. A so-called Force Quit (complete termination) of the app is recommended if the VARIO duet sound module is not found after the update. (