Is C. Bechstein Connect compatible with MIDI 2.0?

C. Bechstein Connect is technically prepared for the MIDI 2.0 protocol, but does not currently send data in the new format.

Why is that?

In view of the current market environment and the master keyboard and silent system applications, we believe that the advantages of MIDI 1.0 outweigh the disadvantages.

An important point here is that C. Bechstein Connect transmits MIDI data via Bluetooth. There is currently no manufacturer-independent implementation for this wireless communication (MIDI over BT-LE). C. Bechstein Connect therefore supports the MIDI 1.0 standard, which is compatible with all common operating systems.

Good to know

A frequently mentioned advantage of MIDI 2.0 is the higher resolution of velocity. Even within the existing standard, C. Bechstein Connect – with over 16,000 steps – already provides a resolution more than a hundred times higher than originally envisaged in the 1.0 standard (read more). If required, the so-called “High Resolution Velocity Prefix (MIDI-CC 88) can be activated with the C. Bechstein Connect app.

To date, no known manufacturer has translated this vast amount of data into sound – meaning the digital sound generation side, in hardware or software.